Anchun International Holdings Ltd ("Anchun") is a leading integrated EPC provider of process technology, design, manufacturing and engineering services to the PRC environmental protection industry, and petrochemical and chemical industries, in particular, ammonia and methanol industries.

Anchun's integrated business model is anchored on strong R&D capabilities and registered patents for our key technologies, and allows us to capture value across the value chain from system design, system manufacturing and project management, and after-sales. Based on core principles of production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, our range of integrated chemical systems engineering and technology solutions can be broadly categorised as follows:-

  1. Chemical systems engineering and technology design services, focusing on chemical process technologies such as ammonia synthesis, syngas purification technology, methanol synthesis and CO water-gas shift technology (Engineering Sector);
  2. Chemical systems and components, including reactors applicable in a wide range of various reactions, pressure vessels and other auxiliary equipment; along with (Manufacture Sector); and
  3. Catalysts and pre-reduced catalysts and other products (Catalysts Sector)

Anchun's chemical systems are generally used by our customers to produce ammonia and methanol, which are subsequently used as crucial feedstock in our customers’ production system to produce other downstream products such as urea, compound fertilizer, methanol fuel, formaldehyde, dimethyl ether and explosives.

Anchun has received several enterprise awards and accolades, including status of Designated Company for Technological Support for China Petroleum & Chemical Industry in Environmental Protection and Green Production (中国石油和化工行业环境保护与清洁生产重点支撑技术单位) and 2013 Outstanding Technological Advancement Award (工业科技进步奖) conferred by both the China Fertilizer Industry Association (中国氮肥工业协会) and the China Petroleum and Chemical Industries Association (中国石油和化学工业联合会).