Board Of Directors

Xie Ming
Non-Executive Chairman 

Xie Ming is our Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman and was last re-elected as a Director on 29 April 2019. She was re-designated from Executive Director and CEO to Executive Chairman on 1 June 2018. Subsequently, she re-designated to Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman on 1 December 2020.

She worked for specialty chemical companies and a research institute in the USA for 13 years prior to joining Anchun, first as an analytical chemist in the Health & Science Center of Louisiana State University, the research laboratory of INVISTA and then as a Sr. Chemist for Champion Technologies. Xie Ming earned her EMBA from Rice University, USA in May 2013. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Specialty Chemical Engineering from Jiangsu Institute of Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering, China and a Master degree in Science from Department of Chemistry, University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA.

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Xie Ming<br>Non-Independent <br>Non-Executive Chairman 

Zheng Zhi Zhong
Executive Director and CEO 

Zheng Zhi Zhong is our Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and was last re-elected as a Director on 19 June 2020. He is responsible to execute the strategic business directions set by the Board, oversee the daily operations and business development of the Group, manage and lead the project management department. He was re-designated from Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer to Executive Director and CEO on 1 June 2018.

He is the Legal Representative of the PRC subsidiary of the company, Hunan Anchun Advanced Technology Co., Ltd (“Hunan Anchun”). He has more than 20 years of extensive experience working in the industry and gained expertise in the areas of chemical engineering process design and programming, instrumentation and control system, information management, project management, reactor manufacture, marketing and sales. Zheng Zhi Zhong started his career with Hunan Anchun in 1993 as a Process Technology Programmer. Leveraging on his computer science knowledge, he worked closely with chemical engineers to develop the first generation computation software for Anchun’s key technologies. His main contribution includes the process design and programming of “IIIJ D Type Adiabatic Inner-cooling Split-flow Internals of Ammonia Synthesis Reactor” and “Process and Application of Syn-gas Purification AlcoholHydrocarbon Technology”, which won the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award (2nd-highest honours). Zheng Zhi Zhong is a certified Senior Engineer. He assumed the roles of IT Manager, Project Manager, Assistant General Manager, Deputy Manager and Executive manager in the past 28 years with Hunan Anchun. Zheng Zhi Zhong holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Technology from Shenyang Industrial University.

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Zheng Zhi Zhong<div>Executive Director and CEO </div>

Dai Feng Yu
Executive Director

Dai Feng Yu is our Executive Director and was last re-elected on 26 April 2018. She is in-charge of the daily operations for Catalyst business of the Group and is responsible for overall Research and development (“R & D”) including provision of basic support technology, initiating new R & D projects and management of the company’s proprietary intellectual property rights. She is also in-charge of the human resource management. She has more than 30 years of experience in the chemical industry. Between 1988 and 1993, she was a R & D staff in Changsha Chromic Salts Factory responsible for catalysts quality improvement and new product development.

Between 1993 and 1998, she was head of the laboratory of Anchun Energy Saving and was responsible for the research and development of catalysts as well as the introduction of catalysts to the market. In 1998, when operations of Anchun Energy Saving ceased and Hunan Anchun was established, she remained head of the laboratory of Hunan Anchun and was subsequently promoted to deputy general manager to be in charge of the overall R & D matters and management of Hunan Anchun’s proprietary intellectual property rights in 2002. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Catalyst from East China University of Science and Technology (formerly known as the East China Institute of Chemical Technology). She was qualified as a registered senior engineer in 2001. She is also an expert database member of the National Energy Conservation Center and a standing director of the China Chemical Industry Environmental Protection Association. The significant awards that Dai Feng Yu had won include the 2003 National Scientific and Technological Progress Award (2nd-highest honours) by the State Council in 2004, the Excellent Engineering Consultancy Award (2nd-highest honours) by the China Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association in 2006, the Outstanding Individual of Hunan Province contributed to scientific and technological progress by the Economic Committee of Hunan Province in 2008, and the 2016 China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Technology Progress Award (First-prize) by China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association.


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Dai Feng Yu<div>Executive Director</div>

Xie Ding Zhong 
Non-Executive Director

Xie Ding Zhong is our Founder, Non- Executive Director, and member of the Nominating Committee, and was last re-elected as a Director on 19 June 2020. He was re-designated from Non-Executive Chairman to Non-Executive Director on 1 June 2018. He has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in the chemical industry. Between 1961 and 1974, Xie Ding Zhong was a lecturer in the chemical engineering faculty of Hunan University. From 1975 to 1976, he was a technician in Dongting Nitrogen Fertiliser Factory.

Between 1976 and 1993, he was the chief engineer in Fertiliser Industry Company of Hunan Province, where he took charge of the production, R&D and system design of the small-sized nitrogen fertiliser manufacturers and provided solutions to technological problems as well as promoted technical innovation in Hunan Province. Between 1993 and 1998, he was the legal representative and general manager cum general engineer of Anchun Energy Saving in charge of the overall operations and management. In 1998, when operations of Anchun Energy Saving ceased, he set up Hunan Anchun with our founding management team and then employees to carry on the business, and he has since then been the legal representative and general manager cum general engineer responsible for directing the strategic directions and growth of Hunan Anchun. Xie Ding Zhong graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Hunan University in 1961. In November 1999, he was qualified as a registered senior engineer (research fellow), which is the highest rank of engineers in the PRC. He was a committee member of various national specialist committees in the chemical industry, such as China Nitrogen Fertiliser Industry Association and China Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association, etc. He has won numerous awards at the national, provincial and city levels in recognition of his achievements and contribution to the chemical industry.

The significant awards that Xie Ding Zhong had won include the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award (2nd-highest honours) by the National Science and Technology Committee of PRC in 1995, and the 2003 National Scientific and Technological Progress Award (2nd-highest honours) by the State Council in 2004, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the PRC in recognition of achievement and contribution to scientific and technological progress. In addition, in recognition of his contributions towards the development of engineering technology in the PRC, he has been entitled to a special subsidy granted by the State Council since 1991.

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Xie Ding Zhong <br>Non-Executive

San Meng Chee
Independent Director

Mr. San Meng Chee is a senior professional with over 30 years of experience in accounting, finance and corporate affairs in various industries.

He is currently the Chief Financial Officer ("CFO") of Mencast Holdings Ltd. He is responsible for the Company's financial activities, investor relations and all aspects of treasury, corporate governance, finance and accounting functions. He has held senior finance positions in listed companies and was CFO of New Toyo International Holdings Ltd from May 2015 to February 2017. Prior to that, he was CFO of Superior Multi-Packaging Limited from September 2006 to August 2013.

He has also served on the boards of several public companies listed on the SGX-ST as an independent director since 2014. He holds a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia and is a CPA member with CPA Australia.

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San Meng Chee<br>Independent Director

Tan Wei Shyan
Independent Director

Tan Wei Shyan is our Independent Director and appointed to our Group on 25 April 2024. He also the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and a member of the Nominating Committee and Audit Committee. Wei Shyan is presently a partner at Shook Lin & Bok LLP, a firm of advocates and solicitors in Singapore, and has over 20 years of experience in the legal profession.

His legal practice focuses on corporate finance and securities transactions, including initial public offerings (IPOs), dual/secondary listings, strategic investments, corporate restructuring, fund-raising exercises and securities regulation compliance by public listed companies. He is also active in commercial transactions covering various areas of corporate practice, including joint ventures and acquisitions and disposals of corporate assets involving public and private companies.

Prior to joining Shook Lin & Bok LLP in 2005, he practised as a legal associate at Ang & Partners, a firm of advocates and solicitors in Singapore. He currently also serves as an Independent Director of JEP Holdings Ltd., a company listed on the Catalist Board of SGX-ST. He also a member of the Sengkang West Citizens’ Consultative Committee and was a member of the Inquiry Panel of the Singapore Law Society from 2011 to 2024.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) from the University of Exeter in 2001 and was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 2003.

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Tan Wei Shyan<br>Independent Director

Wang HeMing
Independent Director

Wang HeMing is our Independent Director and appointed to our Group on 25 April 2024. He is also appointed as a member of the Audit Committee of our Company.

Currently, he is a Director of Science and Technology Department of China Datang Corporation Ltd. (“Datang Group”) since 2017 and is  also the Chief Engineer of Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd., a company incorporated in People Republic of China (“PRC”) since 2023. He is primarily responsible for the technical management and innovation of chemical projects, enabling the company to achieve stable production and operation.

He was previously appointed as Executive Deputy General Manager of a subsidiary of Datang Group from 2017 to 2020 and has more than 30 years of experience in the chemical engineering industry. He possesses knowledge of various domestic and international chemical process technologies and able to grasp the crucial and challenging aspects of production and operation that associated of each technology.

He holds a Diploma of Applied Chemistry Industrial Analysis from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 1988 and qualified as a registered senior engineer (research fellow), which is the highest rank of engineers in the PRC. He has leading and management experience in multiple large-scale projects at the three major energy giants in PRC including Datang Group. Also, he has obtained several technological inventions patents in coal-to-oil and coal chemical industry, which have successfully resolved many technical challenges in the chemical engineering industry. He also demonstrates strong government coordination, production management, team management/leadership and enterprise efficiency creation capabilities.

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Wang HeMing<div>Independent Director</div>

He Ming Yang
Independent Director

He Ming Yang is our Independent Director, and was appointed to our Group on 1 January 2019. He was last re-elected on 26 April 2019. He is the Professor of the School of Petrochemical Engineering at Changzhou University from July 2006 to present, Dean of the School of Petrochemical Engineering at Changzhou University from March 2010 to April 2017. 

He researched on Synthesis, structure, properties and application of ion exchange polymer catalyses, Fine chemicals cleaning production processes and technologies and Clean environment and energyrelated metal-organic framework material. The project of Profess He Ming Yang researched was awarded the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award (2nd-highest honors) in 2006. He regularly contributes professional articles on national newspapers, periodicals and publications. He has also gotten many patents. 

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He Ming Yang<br>Independent Director

Key Management

He Zu Bing
Chief Financial Officer

He Zu Bing is our Chief Financial Officer and was appointed to our Group on 20 March 2019. He is responsible for our Group overall finance and accounting functions. He has over 14 years of finance management experience.

He worked as the Cost Accountant, General Ledger Accountant, Purchaser Member of Production Group and Deputy Financial Controller in Hunan Anchun Advanced Technology Co., Ltd since July 2010. He worked as the Accounting Manager in Hunan Guoda Investment Co., Ltd for more than 4 years since 2006. He has experience in enterprise finance management, accounting, tax, investment and finance management and internal control. He Zu Bing holds a China Certified Public Accountant certificate, and also posses the intermediate Accountants Certificate.

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He Zu Bing<br>Chief Financial Officer

Zhong Xu Guang
Technology Director

Zhong  XuGuang  is  our  Technology  Director, responsible  for  technology  development  and innovation. He has 18 years of experience in chemical and related industries.

After graduation in 2006, he had been engaged in the inspection and design of pressure vessels. In 2009, He joined Hunan Anchun as a design engineer. Since then, he has been engaged in product design, product research and development, technology management and human resources management.

He  graduated  from  Nanchang  University with  a  Master  Degree  in  Chemical  Process Equipment  in  2006  and  was  qualified  as  an intermediate  engineer  in  2010.  He  has  won the  Outstanding  Engineer  of  Petrochemical Industry  awarded  by  Hunan  Petroleum  Society in  2013  and  the  Outstanding  Contribution  Award (1st-highest  honours)  awarded  by  our  company  in 2015.

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Zhong Xu Guang<br>Technology Director

Li Juan
Finance Controller

Li Juan is our Financial Controller and was appointed to our Group on 16 May 2017.  She is responsible for our Group‘s overall finance management and financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, business support and corporate strategic objectives management. 

She has more than 12 years of experience in accounting, management reporting, financial control, treasury management, corporate and risk management, performance management, investor relations and tax compliance in China.  She worked as the General Ledger Supervisor in corporations for more than 4 years since 2014.  She has experience in accounting, tax, financing management and internal control.  Li Juan got the China Certified Public Accountant certificate in August 2014, and the US Certified Management Accountant certificate in December 2015. Li Juan also obtained the financial management training course-completion certificate from School of Economics, Peking University in November 2023.

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Li Juan<br>Finance Controller

Xie Fang Hua
Manufacture Director

Xie  Fanghua  is  our  Manufacturer  Director, responsible for equipment manufacture and quality control  department.  She  has  more  than  21  years of  experience  in  chemical  equipment  industry. Between 1994 and 1996, she was an product design engineer  in  Hunan  Yiyang  City  Chemical  Machinery Factory. 

Thereafter,  she  was  head  of  the  product design  department  of  Hunan  ILIDA  Industrial  Co.,  Ltd responsible  for  the  design  of  large  boilers  and pressure vessels in petroleum refining and chemical industry  between  1997  and  2009.  She  joined  in Hunan  Anchun  in  2009,  successively  served  as Deputy  Minister  of  Quality  Control  Department, Deputy Manager of Equipment Manufacture Factory, Manager  of  Equipment  Manufacture  Factory  and General  Manager  Assistant,and  was  promoted  to Deputy  General  Manager  in  2023  to  take  charge  of quality control and the manufacture management of the chemical equipment products.

She  graduated  from  Xiangtan  University  with  a Bachelor’s  Degree  in  Chemical  Machinery  in  1994. She  obtained  pressure  vessel  design  review qualification  issued  by  China  Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels in 2010. She  was  qualified  as  a  registered  senior  engineer in  2011.  She  participated  in  the  research  and development  of  intelligent  oilfield  phase  change heating  furnace  and  won  Changsha  City  Scientific Progress Award (2nd-highest honours) in 2009.

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Xie Fang Hua<br>Manufacture Director