Anchun is a leading technology provider and reactor manufacturer for fertilizer industry and gasification industry in China.

Hundreds of ammonia and methanol plants have reaped gratifying economic and environmental benefits from Anchun's products and services.

Anchun has grown organically on its rigorous patenting and implementation efforts in China. It is such a humbling experience to serve the market. Looking forward, we will strive to create more global footprints and serve a broader customer base.

For clients, we provide:


  • Process engineering and design
  • Equipment manufacturing and catalyst production
  • Consulting and project planning
  • Research and development
  • Technical service
  • Technical evaluation

Zero-discharge water treatment for ammonia plants

  • Optimized process for discharge water re-use
  • Implemented in more than a hundred ammonia plants
  • Significant economic and environmental benefits

zero-discharge diagram

Engineering design and manufacture certifications and accreditations


  • Patents granted in China, US and Canada
  • From Chinese authorities
    • Class A Engineering Design Certificate
    • Class A Environmental Engineering Design Certificate
    • Pressure Pipeline Design Certificate
    • A1 / A2 / D1 / D2 Pressure Vessel Design Certificate
    • Pressure Vessel Manufacture Certificate
  • ASME U Mark Certificate--Pressure Vessel Manufacture

Moody International ISO 9000 Certificate – Quality Management System