Proprietary Catalysts

  • Ammonia synthesis catalysts XA Series
  • Syn-gas purification (alcohol-hydrocarbon process) catalysts XAC Series
  • High-temp Sulfur-tolerant CO Water-gas Shift Catalysts XB Series(For pressure ranges of <2.0MPa, 2.0~4.0 and >4.0MPa)

Catalyst states at clients’ choice

  • Oxidic catalysts
  • Pre-reduced and surface-passivated catalysts
  • Reduced and ready-to-use catalysts (N2 –protected package for transportation)

Reduction treatment for clients on contract basis

  • Reduction process with high quality N2 gas free of CO or CO2 impurities
  • Complete reduction
  • Catalyst activity characteristics intact

CO Shift Catalysts

New type of sulfur-tolerant water gas shift catalyst XB-2 was prepared with the impregnation method of Co-Mo active composition on the support of magnesium-alumina spinel. The catalyst activity was investigated in a fixed bed device with original-sized catalyst granules. The catalyst was characterized with XRD、BET and SEM techniques. The results of life-time test in a period of 300 hours showed that the new type of catalyst XB-2 had higher activity and resistance to hydration in comparison with the commercial catalyst under high pressure and at high steam-to-gas ratio condition. Moreover the catalyst XB-2 was found to have stable construction and high mechanical strength.

Anchun’s XB-2 Catalyst

Consistent granular size and smooth surface for consistent and easy catalyst load 

Anchun’s XB-2 Catalyst

Commercial Catalyst A

Inconsistent granular size and breakings

Commercial Catalyst A