Anchun’s R&D Division mainly undertakes process technology development, catalyst technology development, environmental technology development and reactor design research. A team of scientists, engineers, analysts and operators work together to evaluate research ideas, design screen tests, make and set up laboratory and pilot units and prepare for commercialization.

Below cases our water treatment pilot unit for heavy-metal treatment as well as our Analysis Center.


Rotating Molten Bath Gasifier System

  • Liquid slag exits at the bottom of the gasifier
  • Coal size of 4mm~50mm enters from top by gravity
  • Coal size less than 4mm through screw feeder from bottom-side
  • Oxygen blast (tangent of gasifier) facilitates the fluid-bed reaction; Gasification reaches 1800℃~ 2000; high carbon conversion
  • One dry gas outlet and one steam gas outlet; Average outlet temperature 600℃
  • Good fluidity achieved at 1350℃~1450℃ by additional fluid-bed promoter
  • Applicable for different coal types and sizes
  • Limestone used for sulfur removal; Slag discharged; limestone for re-use
  • Low outlet gas temperature ~600℃; low oxygen consumption (230 m3/1000m3 H2 +CO); low power consumption

Turbine technology

  • Waste heat utilization optimized
  • Customized design to fit each plant need
  • Steam turbine circulation compressor assembly with reliable performance
  • High single-assembly capacity